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So Fresh & So Clean: SWR Launches a New Brand!

If you’re looking around our website and notice that something is looking a little different–that’s because it is! Sustainable Waterloo Region officially has a new website, new branding, new names for some of our programs, and even changes to our social media channels! After a year in the making and a lot of hard work […]

Research Recap: Eating Bugs As A Meat Alternative

Could eating bugs become mainstream in the future? With increasing concerns surrounding food shortages and supplying enough for everyone to eat, as well as those looking to eat more sustainably, many are starting to approach eating bugs as a solution to this issue. Eating bugs is a fairly well-known meat alternative but has yet to […]

Research Recap: Spray-On Solar Panels

Could Spray-On Solar Panels be the future of energy? There are many institutions and companies that are currently developing spray-on solar panels for mass production. Since spray-on solar panels can be used on uneven surfaces, this could hugely widen the amount of materials it could be used on to create renewable energy worldwide.  What Are […]

Giving Thanks in 2021

CULTURE OF SUSTAINABILITY – SUSTAINABLE HOLIDAY SERIES PART 4 While the Culture of Sustainability program continued to remain virtual over the past year due to the pandemic, we still had the opportunity to connect and support each other through virtual events, newsletters, and social media posts. We hope that these endeavours helped those within the […]

17 Plant Based Recipes to try this Holiday Season

CULTURE OF SUSTAINABILITY – SUSTAINABLE HOLIDAY SERIES PART 3 For week three of our Sustainable Holiday Series, we will be diving into the wonderful world of plant based recipes. Whether you want to try something new or are adapting an old favourite, you will find options below!  Let’s get started with this week’s recipe round […]

Research Recap: 3D Printed Buildings

Could the future of building construction be 3D printing? There are increased efforts to 3D print buildings to reduce waste in construction and use more recycled materials to create homes. With many new projects and technologies being developed focusing on 3D-printing through companies such as WASP and the Horizon Legacy Group, it is possible that […]

Voices of Sustainability: Season 1 Recap

Green grass

This past summer, Sustainable Waterloo Region was thrilled to expand its presence to the airwaves with a new podcast, Voices of Sustainability! This new podcast aims to amplify diverse voices in the sustainability movement. Throughout season 1, hosts Savonnae Street and Lauren Peng had the opportunity to speak with BIPOC community members working in Waterloo […]

Research Recap: Robot Farming

Could robots become the future of farming? As concerns about food supply grow with the changing environment due to climate change and other circumstances, increased development in robot farming is being observed as a possible solution to these problems. However, there are also concerns that using more robots in agriculture than currently can create even […]